Lifewatch: New type of dermal filler

Reported by Claire Hosmann - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

(WECT) - New technology is coming to the cosmetic world to get rid of wrinkles.  It's a process to naturally promote cell regeneration.

Promoters of the product say it's the next best thing to a facelift. It uses the patient's blood as a new type of dermal filler.

"It is plasma, platelets and fibrin which is created from a simple blood draw and made in the office in less than six minutes," said Dr. Kim Crosby with Azura Medical Spa in Charlotte.

Dr. Crosby is one of a select few board certified doctors in the U.S. who have been using the procedure called Slephyl for the past few months.

After the patient's blood is drawn, a patented process developed by aesthetic factors separates the platelets and fibrin.  The resulting product is injected into the treatment area.

"They develop new collagen, new blood vessels and really use their own cells and their own tissues to reverse the signs of aging," said Dr. Crosby.  "The product should last at least 18 months possibly longer."

In addition to lasting longer, doctors say there's not bruising, swelling, or lumping that's associated with some traditional fillers.

Plastic surgeons said with the economic downturn, less expensive, non-invasive treatments like this one are part of a trend.

Promoters say the best candidates are those no older than around 65, because they can't build collagen as fast and easily as younger patients.

Effects have been shown to last beyond a year and a half.