Stricter dress codes in New Hanover County schools

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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Some New Hanover County students have had to do some extra shopping to get ready for school this year.

This fall, students of 15 New Hanover County schools will have to follow a more restrictive dress code.

The rules vary from school to school, but all skirts and shorts must be "approaching the knee." Students must also wear collared shirts including polos and button downs, or shirts with the school's name or logo.

"I have some polos in my closet already, but I imagine I'll be taking a trip to Walmart to get a few button down shirts," said student Derek Scully.

Some students aren't concerned about the changes, but others say they're not looking forward to picking out new clothes to fit the new rules.

"I don't really like them because it's hard to go out and buy collared shirts and stuff," said student Marisa Turner.  "Because for people who don't have a lot, and they have to go out and by a whole new wardrobe."

While not everyone is in favor of the new dress code, Hoggard's PTA president Donna Shiro thinks it will be a good plan for everyone.

"I feel it's a positive thing for the students and the teachers," said Shiro. "I think it shows respect to the teachers and I think it teaches our children to show that they have some self respect."

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