Dr. Lerch Question 12

We have a system-wide improvement strategy in place that is called the Systemic Improvement Initiative. This initiative has multiple components including data-based analysis that helps teachers target specific learning strategies for each individual student. More details on the Systemic Improvement Initiative can be found on the district's website at http://www.nhcs.net/news/ayp0809.htm.

In addition to our systemic focus on data analysis, we use Title I funds to provide our high priority schools with extra positions; to provide after school, Saturday school, summer school, and fast start instructional opportunities; and to provide research-based professional development for administrators and teachers.  We also work hard at offering multiple opportunities to build parental involvement at these schools.  These opportunities include workshops, academically-focused family nights, volunteering, serving on the School's Improvement Team, and curriculum nights that focus on grade level goals and objectives in various subjects.