Stacey Scott says allegations against Soles are false

Stacey Scott
Stacey Scott
Sen. RC Soles
Sen. RC Soles

Reported by Claire Simms - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

ROBESON COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A man who sparked a state investigation into Senator RC Soles is now saying the allegations he made are not true.

Last week the SBI and the Tabor City Police Department launched a probe into Soles after 27-year-old Stacey Scott said the senator had molested him 12 years ago when he was only 15.

In an exclusive interview with WECT, Scott said he was on drugs when he made those allegations and he had never had sexual relations with the senator.

"Mr. Soles is a good friend, and I think it's only right I do this," said Scott.  "I told some lies, and I need to get it straight."

Q: Did Mr. Soles influence you in any way to do this interview?

A: "No, ma'am. I feel like I've let down a dear friend.  Mr. Soles is a good friend and I've caused him a lot of trouble."

Q: Have you spoken with him since?


Q: And what was your conversation like?

A: "Just apologizing to him, pretty much. He's very disappointed in what I said."

Scott said that Senator Soles has helped him throughout his life by representing him in several criminal cases and giving him money whenever he asked.  He estimates the total nears $200,000, which Scott said he's used for everything from rent to cars to drugs - a practice Scott thinks Soles would be wise to give up.

For now the scrutiny continues and the SBI said they cannot comment on an ongoing investigation, despite Scott's claim that there's nothing to investigate.

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