Sen. Soles makes first public appearance since allegations

Reported by Casey Roman - blog|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - District Attorney Rex Gore and the SBI are investigating State Senator RC Soles for allegations of sexual molestation of a minor.

Friday, Soles was back at the microphone talking to voters and answering questions, saying he has nothing to hide.

The Brunswick Arts Council welcomed Soles with a round of applause, despite being the center of a statewide sexual misconduct investigation.

Soles admitted recent headlines had him second guessing the public appearance.

"I really had second thoughts about coming," said Soles. "It has been extremely heart warming to me to see how the public has reacted."

The topic on the table was funding for the arts, but the topic in questions was whether the man that some of these people have looked up to can still be trusted.

"There's very little to hide I know they know and trust me and I know I haven't done anything wrong," said Soles.

The senator believes the SBI should be looking into the allegations against him, claims he said are false and nothing new.

"Every time I get into a campaign it starts again," said Soles.

According to Soles, his generosity has gotten him into trouble.  He's given high priced gifts to teenagers he's represented legally, people who he said where asking him for help.

He said his family has been helping people in their community for decades and he has no regrets or hard feelings, despite the allegations.

"Good deeds sometimes turn on you and I'm afraid that's what might have happened this time," said Soles.

Finding out what happened is now in the hands of investigators.  Until then, Soles has managed to keep his supporters.

"They didn't just shake my hand, but in effect hugged and said 'Good luck we're with you'," said Soles.

The senator said he's not asking the public for sympathy, only an open mind to what he maintains is his complete innocence.

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