QB Michael Vick signs with the Eagles

Reported by Claire Simms - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Quarterback Michael Vick signed a contract to join the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday night as the league kicked off preseason games.

But before he inked the deal, some reports were that Vick may have been coming to the Carolina Panthers.

Some fans are looking forward to seeing Vick take the field again, but others are disappointed he's being allowed to play after causing so much controversy.

"If the Panthers take him, I think that would be alright," said football fan Mike Esposito.  "If the Patriots take him, I'd accept him. I like to look at it as more football business."

"I understand that everybody has the right to a second chance, but I think playing in the NFL is a privilege and he lost that privilege," said football fan Jerry Townsend.  "I disagree with Carolina or any team giving him a second chance."

New Hanover County Animal Control Director Dr. Jean McNeil said she hopes Vick will use his fame to help animals this time around.

"If Michael Vick can use his celebrity to make a difference in stopping dog fighting, then that would be a good thing," said McNeil.  "He has done a turn-around, or hopefully has done so and has an opportunity to make a difference where people will listen to him."

Many agree the quarterback deserved to serve time.

"I am a dog lover and I'm pretty disgusted with him, but as a football fan, I'd like to see him back," said Esposito.

Vick has reportedly said he accepts responsibility for not stopping the dog fighting ring and said he feels hurt by all that has happened as a result.

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