Brunswick County residents speak up about annexation

Reported by Laura Sinacori - bio|email
Posted by Peter Smelser - email

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Leaders in a Brunswick County community are taking a step toward annexation, but Monday night some residents made it clear they are not happy with the plans.

Residents lined up on the side of the road at the entrance to the gated community St. James Plantation to voice their opinions on annexation.

A WECT crew was not allowed to pass through the gates, which angered some residents who were already upset.

"I didn't like that," said Tanya Hart, who is opposed to annexation. "That to me is a big red flag. What was the harm of letting you through? I don't get it."

When Hart decided to show her displeasure, she was not allowed in, either.

Less than an hour earlier, Hart and others had lined a nearby intersection letting neighbors know about the town's plans. St. James wants to annex two areas: 15 parcels of land across from Arbor Creek and 38 parcels of land near Highway 211 and Midway Road.

People who live there say they want to be left alone. Town officials and residents say they are following all rules and regulations and believe the end result will be better for everyone involved.

"It will enable us to develop through our U-D-O to develop the 211 corridor, the way I think people would want and be happy with it," said Earl Dye, St. James Plantation Resident. "We want to work with everyone to bring along 211 from a commercial development standpoint."

The town of St. James now has between 10 and 90 days to decide whether to adopt an annexation ordinance. The ordinance cannot go into effect for at least a year after it is adopted.

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