Lifewatch: Truvia sweetener

Reported by Claire Hosmann - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

(WECT) - There is a new zero calorie sweetener on the market called Truvia.  The calorie-free sweet taste comes from rebiana, an extract of the Stevia plant.

"Stevia is the hottest new sweetener that's come out and everyone's very excited about it because its all natural it comes from a plant and you can actually find this plant at your local farmer's market," said dietician Judi Wilcox.

Stevia is actually 250 times sweeter than sugar, so the extract is combined with another sugar alcohol.  One packet of Truvia equals two teaspoons of sugar.

Dietician Judi Wilcox is thrilled to have another alternative for her diabetic patients.

"The only thing I might be concerned with if you have an impairment with kidney function with many people with diabetes do have that you limit your use of Stevia or talk with your doctor about if there would be any problem in using it," said Wilcox.

Research sponsored by the company that makes Truvia refutes earlier studies that raised concerns about kidney function, fertility and blood pressure.

In December, the FDA approved the Stevia extract for use in food and beverages like peach green tea powder mix.

Pepsi and Coca Cola helped develop the new sweetener which will soon be in some of their sodas.

Truvia is Kosher certified and can be found at your local grocery store.