Details emerge about downtown Wilmington bar fight

Reported by Claire Simms - bio|email
Posted by Peter Smelser - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - New details are emerging about a downtown Wilmington bar fight that landed three bouncers in jail and another man in the hospital.

WECT has obtained exclusive pictures of the injuries that 20-year-old Joseph Dauvray suffered Wednesday night, August 5th. Dauvray cannot see out of his left eye, has a broken nose with seven stitches, chipped tooth and bruised ribs.

Dauvray's friend, we'll call him "Charles", described the fight as one-sided.

"He was unconscious at one point and they kept hitting him and then the last punch he just wasn't moving anymore," said Charles.

One bouncer we spoke to says his job is to prevent fights and some people from getting injuries like the ones Dauvray suffered.

"The whole point of working security downtown is not to get in a fight, or not to "bust heads" as some might term it, it's to de-escalate something and to stop conflict from occurring and get it outside your business's doors," said Tym Dvorak, head of security for the Pravda bar.

Dvorak says dealing with rowdy customers requires as much restraint as it does muscle.

A Wilmington Police Department report says when Dauvray struggled to stay inside Sidebar, bouncers James Bulter, Steven Fox and Cedric Simpson punched and kicked him multiple times.

Sidebar would not comment about its version of the events for legal reasons.

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