Give the gift of life by donating blood

Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Cape Fear Chapter of the American Red Cross is in need of more blood.

Red Cross workers said they aren't getting as many donations as they usually get this time of year.

They say the slumping economy has effected the amount of blood they have collected.  Red Cross workers usually gets blood from businesses while college is not in session, but they haven't been able to go to as many this summer because of the economy.

"We're actually encouraging all eligible donors to come in and donate right now because of this need because we want to avoid a crisis right now with any patients in the hospital that do need the lifesaving transfusion," said blood center coordinator Shannon Jordan.

The Red Cross offers several incentives for donating blood.

To donate, visit the Wilmington Blood Center located at 1102 South 16th Street or call 910-254-GIVE (4483).

Hours of Operation:
Monday -- Noon - 6pm
Wednesday -- Noon - 6pm
Friday -- 8am -2pm

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