My Turn, Your Turn: More on Titan Cement

By Gary McNair - bio|email

As expected, we heard from a number of you about my commentary last week concerning State Senator Julia Boseman's latest attempt to block the permitting process for Titan Cement.

Those who oppose the plant say I am uninformed and called me naïve, ignorant and even worse things I can't say on television.

The anti-Titan group is loud and vocal and I applaud them for being passionate about what they believe in.  But most of them are missing the point I am trying to make.

Let me be clear - - - I have never said the building of the Titan Plant should be approved.  If they can't produce cement without harming the environment, I don't want them here.

Even if I am guilty of being naïve and ignorant, at least I know that most of us do not have the scientific and technological background necessary to make this judgment.  All I want is for the experts to decide.

I want real environmental scientists and people who understand modern-day cement manufacturing to determine if this plant makes good sense.

If that makes me naïve, ignorant or worse - there are a whole lot people out there just like me.  And, like me, they want this issue handled with less passion and more insight.

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

Emailed response from viewers:

I feel strongly about Titan Cement coming into our area.  I feel they shouldn't.  I feel that the toxins that will be released will damage my children.  Where do I get my information?  I get it from my children's pediatrician who is an opponent to the Titan Plant.  I also get information from my husband, an environmental chemist, who I feel knows what he is talking about.  I check out as well and they have links proving what is bad about this company.  I would not propose to call anyone names.  I feel like I do my research when there is an issue.  I try to assume that others do the same.  I would hope that just because people don't agree in our community our media would be able to report on both sides of the issue without bias.  This is a very touchy subject.  I think most are concerned about the exposure their children will be confronted with.  We chose to live in Castle Hayne because it is a quiet section of our town.  Having a plant that is as dangerous as this coming here frightens me.  The air quality in Wilmington is already very poor.  I think regardless we should look to improving life here instead of making it worse.


You hit the nail on the head! We need to be "Green"conscientious, but we should also to not limit our potential growth for an income producing source like this one. If all meets the environmentalists standards, who can complain? I believe some folks just don't want the change!

This area needs jobs and must remain competitive, if we are to grow. There were many opponents to the convention center and it appears to be a good decision. Time will tell.


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