Brunswick Co. react to superintendent McGee's poor evaluation

Reported by Gavin Johnson - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Brunswick county school superintendent Katie McGee received an unsatisfactory job evaluation from school board members Tuesday night.

"I don't see any good that will come out of it," said McGee.  "Every evaluation gives you the opportunity to find a way to do better, but I feel like I represent the school district and we've got a great year and I'm really proud of it."

McGee was so emotional after receiving her evaluation she walked away from media cameras.

She said she was surprised by some of the unsatisfactory marks she received by members of the school board because test scores were high, the school system is opening up two new schools, and no employees had been laid off.

McGee further said she had been exonerated in a recent grievance filed by her executive assistant Sherry Dove.

Board members would not comment on camera about the issue, but some parents were asking questions.

"Well I think when questions are asked about a superintendent of the school board," said parent Stephanie Smith.  "Parents are concerned because you want to feel like you have a superintendent where if there are problems or if you have concerns about your child you can go to them. You know someone you can trust."

Several parents, however, are confident in the school board's view of the superintendent and the schools.

"If the school board feels like there's a problem and they need to step in and check out the situation then I'm behind them for it 100 percent," said parent Victoria Wade.

Board members said they can't comment on the issue because it's a personnel matter.

Superintendent McGee said she would release a statement regarding the review Wednesday, but WECT never received one and she didn't return any calls.

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