Midwifery is no longer a service at Carolina OB/GYN

Reported by Lynda Figueredo - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Earlier this month, patients of Carolina OB/GYN were told the group's midwifery program had dissolved with no explanation.

They were told to they needed to reschedule their midwife's appointments to an obstetrician.

Maggie is the product of Lauren and Kevin Millard, who are two proud parents who said they couldn't have done it without their midwife.

"I found out yesterday that it was dismantled," said Lauren.  "I switched to the practice just to have midwife care.  Now there's only one midwife in all of Wilmington."

The loss of the clinic is only a problem for the Millard's if they decide to have another child, but Kristen Holt is facing the problem now.

Kristen is expecting a boy in just a few months, and learning the clinic has shut down has become a pain in her side.

"I'm really scared," said Kristen.  "I am due in 7 and a half weeks.  I don't know of any of the doctors there. I am not familar with their work or the care they give because I only saw the midwives there. That is the reason I went to Carolina OB/GYN from my last doctor."

Kristen said she was not given reason as to why the midwives are no longer a part of the practice.

Carolina OB/GYN didn't want to answer any questions, but they did release the following statement:

Carolina OB/Gyn, a division of Wilmington Health Associates, has been providing the highest quality of women's health services for over 30 years.  With patients as our highest priority, we continue to staff these services, including obstetrics with 8 highly qualified and committed physicians. 

We are disappointed that we currently are not able to maintain midwifery services.  As the only local independent group practice to provide these services for the last 5 years, we clearly value the contributions provided by Certified Nurse Midwives.

This decision was based solely on operational requirements, not financial or quality issues.  We do not rule out reconsidering this service in the future.

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