Sales tax holiday might cost you more

By Michael Handy - bio | email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - North Carolina and South Carolina both start their annual tax free weekends this Friday, but in some cases, you really are not getting the best deal if you wait to make your purchases this weekend.

Retailers are already offering huge discounts on everything including clothes, shoes, housewares and computers.

Many shoppers are waiting until this coming weekend to do back-to-school shopping because they know they will save another seven percent thanks to the annual tax-free holiday.

Retailers know about that plan which is why they, too, have a plan of their own.

If you looked at the fine print in Sunday's newspaper advertisements, you may have noticed some of the best sale prices will end several days before tax-free weekend.

In fact, JC Penney started a huge sale on Sunday which ends Tuesday.  For example, Levi Jeans are marked down to $32.99 which is $11 cheaper than the normal price.

If you wait for the sales tax holiday, you will pay the full price of $44 and save only $3 in taxes.

Belk is also offering some of its best prices from now until Tuesday, including an extra 15 percent off all home purchases.

Remember, you will save only seven percent if you wait for tax-free weekend.

Some retailers are honoring their discounts for at least part of the sales tax holiday.

Office Depot, Best Buy, Target and Sports Authority are running their biggest sales from now through Saturday.  In these cases, you are better off waiting until the weekend.

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