Castle and Scoops Sand Building at Wrightsville Beach

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Posted by Theresa Swenson - email

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WECT) - The 11 annual Castle and Scoops Sand Building competition at Wrightsville Beach was held Saturday.

While most beach goers hit the beach to enjoy some rays today, others got to work.  Members of 16 teams squared off to complete the magnificent masterpieces.

One member was inspired by Luna, the albino alligator displayed at the Fort Fisher Aquarium.

"I know there has been a lot of publicity about Luna," said participant Sandi Adams.  "What we've made is Luna escaping from the aquarium."

Other participants included serious engineering strategies while they built their masterpieces.

"We created our Nile scene with a little bit of engineering input, hence the pyramids," said participant Candace Edwards.  "It was definitely fun.  We had a good team effort and it was definitely fund with everyone working together."

Over 200 people attended the competition and all the proceeds benefit the Children's Museum of Wilmington.

"I think we have a great, unique crowd," said Heather Brooks from the Children's Museum of Wilmington.  "We tend to have more businesses, but this year we have a lot of families.  "A lot of those families are from out of town, which we found neat.  Everyone is all hands on deck in support of the museum."

Contestants only had a few hours to complete their masterpieces and were judged by category and creativity.

The Starling family won the best all around title for their sea turtle sand sculpture.

Winners of the competition took home coolers, beach bags and other items.

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