Pirates invade Bald Head Island

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BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC (WECT) - The Old Baldy Foundation hosted a pirate-themed weekend on Bald Head Island to celebrate Lighthouse Day.

This is the fourth year the organization has hosted the event that gives kids the chance to show off their costumes and to hunt for treasures.

"There are certain skills that are important to a young scallywag," said Captain Pern of Black Beard's Crew, Inc.  "One, they have to know how to talk like a pirate, 'Arg! And aye!  And ahoy mate!'  All the important words.  The necessary skills to create fear in our victims."

Organizers are calling the event "kid paradise."

"Kids love it - we have entertainment from Disney World," said Chris Webb of Old Baldy Foundation.  "We have pirates that come in from Beaufort, North Carolina, pirates from Hampton, Virginia.  Black Beard's Crew is here!"

Tourism on the island reached a slow peak this summer, but the celebration helped to increase it.  The event ended Sunday.

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