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Contact New Hanover County Superintendent Dr. Al Lerch

Superintendent Dr. Al Lerch Superintendent Dr. Al Lerch

If you have a question for Dr. Lerch, email him by clicking here.

Dr. Al Lerch is Superintendent of New Hanover County Schools. 

Prior to his position of Superintendent, Dr. Lerch served as Assistant Superintendent of Testing and Student Support Services, Director of Alternative and Student Support Programs, Unit-wide Drop out Prevention Specialist, Guidance Department Chairperson, Guidance Counselor with our school system. 

Dr. Lerch and his wife have two children who are both graduates of the New Hanover County Schools and the University of Wilmington.

Dr. Lerch believes strongly in active involvement in the community and has served on various boards. 

Click on the questions below to read Dr. Lerch's answers:

1. What is the status on the New Hanover High School Jap Davis Fieldhouse? When will the players be able to use it again?

2.When will the decision on middle school redistricting be made?  Will there be public forums so I can express my opinion?  If so, when and where will those take place?  

3. Why are we redistricting again?

4. I thought NHCS was committed to neighborhood schools. If so, why is Option 3 on the table?

5. Swine Flu is forecast to be widespread this fall. It was recently announced that the decision whether to close schools will be left in the hands of local school officials. What criteria will NHCS use to determine whether it should close schools?

6. I am aware NHCS has spent a lot of time creating a strategic plan. How will a strategic plan benefit our schools and community?

7. How can I get timely updates on what is happening in NHCS?

8.  How can I find out about the new high school uniform requirements? 

9.  What vocational education opportunities are available to NHCS students? 

10.  Has the pre-K program been effective?  Has it been worth the money spent?

11. Are AYP scores up just because students who scored a 1 or 2 were allowed to retake the test? 

12.  What are we doing to help our high poverty/high minority schools? 

13.   Will the proposed redistricting of the middle schools further re-segregate the NHC schools resulting in a two-tiered system of suburban and intercity schools?

14.  The lack of structure and rigor in the AIG (academic/ intellectually gifted) program.  Some parents are concerned that the school systems attention and resources are directed more to the lower performing students at the expense of the AIG students.  While they acknowledge that students who need additional academic support should get it they feel that the AIG students should be challenged more.

15.   What impact will the budget reductions have on class size and instructional delivery?

16.   With the elimination of the late buses how will the school system continue the after school remediation programs for the students that need those services?

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