Leak at Wilmington Exxon cleaned up quickly

Posted by Peter Smelser - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Fire officials shut down a gas station for about two hours Monday night after an attendant noticed gallons of gas spilled in a busy parking lot.

Officials say 26 gallons of gasoline were pooled in the Exxon parking lot on 3rd Street. Crews immediately sprayed foam on the gas to suppress the potentially explosive vapor.

"Gasoline is very volatile, people take it for granted," said Wilmington Fire Captain CH Willman. "A gallon of gas can make a big problem, someone pulling in throwing out a cigarette or catalytic converter would have drove over that stuff, certainly would have ignited it and we would have had a much bigger situation."

Fire crews say some stuck a gas cap in the nozzle of a pump and left it running after they drove off. The gas station re-opened quickly.

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