Puppy survives being run over by a lawnmower in Columbus County

Reported by Max Winitz - bio|email
Posted by Theresa Swenson - email

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A war of words is on-going between the Columbus County Animal Shelter and the Columbus County Humane Society.

It's all surrounding the treatment of a puppy named "John Deere."

A few weeks ago, John Deere, also known as J.D., got caught under a lawnmower.  As a result, the five to six week old lab has a large scar on the right side of his head.

J.D. may carry a physical scar from the accident, but Pat Lambert of the Columbus County Humane Society, said a scar has been left on her heart due to the way J.D. was treated when he was taken to the Columbus County Animal Shelter.

"Instead of giving the puppy vet treatment or putting it down humanely because it was in pain at that time," said Lambert. "They put the puppy out to be adopted, I'm assuming."

J.D. was brought into the shelter on July 14, a few days after he was hit by the lawnmower. The same afternoon, he was taken out of the shelter by a dog groomer named Dorothy Fent.

WECT was unable to reach anyone at the shelter for comment; however, James Prevatte, County Commissioner, had this to say:

After looking at the issue, it was determined that the dog was brought into the shelter while Mr. Hayes, Animal Control Director, was in a meeting. He could not make an assessment on the animal because he was in that meeting. The dog was only there for a few hours from the time he was dropped off to the time he was picked up by Dorothy Fent.

In addition, Prevatte stated that he's been at the shelter since the incident and said he is satisfied that animals are being treated humanely.

Prevatte may be satisfied, but Lambert is not.

"We are outraged this puppy didn't get vet treatment," said Lambert.  "It is a state law that animal shelters are supposed to supply our animals with vet help."

J.D. will have to have his right eye removed. Fortunately, according to Lambert, there appears to be a home lined up for him after the surgery.

Several generous cash donations have been made toward J.D.'s surgery.  If you would like to contribute, please contact the Columbus Humane Society.

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