Lightning strikes home in Hampstead

Reported by Kristy Ondo - bio|email

HAMPSTEAD, NC (WECT) - A Pender County family got a shock Thursday night when a bolt of lightning smashed into their home.

It happened on Saint John's Church Road near Highway 17 in Hampstead.

Carolyn Howard showed us where the lightning hit the ground (picture to the right), then shot into the side of her house.

It happened during the thunderstorm that hit the area around 6:00 Thursday evening.

Howard says she's lucky the damage to the outside of the house is minor, and inside, a fried microwave is the only sign of the lightning strike.

"I looked toward the window, and that's when I saw that lightning," said Howard. "And everything went out.  Not all of the lights, but some of the lights went out.  My daughter got up and the kids said they smelled smoke, and that's when she called the fire department and we had to get out. He told us to get out."

The lightning strike produced a little smoke where it hit the house, but it did not spark a fire. Firefighters checked over the whole home just in case.

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