My Turn, Your Turn: Space exploration

By Gary McNair - bio|email

There was a lot of talk about the moon, space travel and NASA this week. And that got me thinking. The younger generations have missed out on something special.

I have a couple souvenirs celebrating the 1969 moonwalk. It was a special time and the whole nation was captivated by this unbelievable accomplishment.

Space really was the final frontier. We looked at the heavens and wondered if we could conquer it. And there was no question, we needed to get there before the "Soviets" so we could win the "space race." It was exciting.

And now, 40 years later, we've gone backwards. We've gone from landing on the moon to low atmospheric flights, and not much excitement. NASA's activities no longer inspire the imagination.

At the White House this week, the men of Apollo told the media we should aim higher. They think we should to go to Mars. And I agree. A lot of good can happen when we dream big dreams and then work toward achieving them.

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Emailed response from viewers:

I totally agree with you. We must get active again in Space, going to Mars would be a great start. The Space program in the 1960's brought all of us a tremendous amount of new technology that we all use everyday today.

I would personally loved to have had the opportunity to go up in space, would go tomorrow!

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