My Turn, Your Turn: ACC baseball tournament

By Gary McNair - bio|email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - I just don't understand the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The reason for this decision can be found on the grounds at the state capitol in South Carolina.  It's in Columbia - not Myrtle Beach. There's a memorial there to those who died in the Civil War, and it includes the confederate flag.

It seems to me there are two very common sense views on this.

First - I understand why people take offense to the confederate flag.  I really do.  Yes it is a part of our heritage, but that does not make it a flattering part of times past.

The other common sense point of view is that the memorial at the state capitol has been in place for nearly a decade.

So, I am just wondering, if the ACC was so offended by the confederate flag - why did they schedule the tournaments in South Carolina in the first place?

Almost 150 years have passed since the end of the Civil War.  Isn't it a shame we are still fighting amongst ourselves?

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