Four tips if you've recently lost your job

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Unemployment rates have nearly doubled since last year and more than half a million people are looking for work.

But what should you do right now if you lose your job?

"Our regional director came in and said due to the economic downturns the company has had to eliminate some positions, and unfortunately yours was eliminated," said Jennifer Davidson who is unemployed.

If you've been laid off you're not alone - one in ten people are out of work.

Thom Rakes with UNCW Career Services has helped thousands of people find work over the years.

Here are four things they say to do right now if you have lost your job:

1. Don't panic

"I think because your initial reaction is oh my god what do I do, you just kind of freak out in your head, and I think you can put yourself in a downward spiral if you don't be positive," said Davidson.

"Okay, I've accepted this - I don't like it, I hate it," said Rakes.  "I don't want to do these things however this is real, this is the situation and now I have some steps I can do to try to improve things and I think this helps get us out of the panic mode."

2. Revamp your resume

"Employers really want some very brief statement on what peoples experience and background is, because they really want to try to get an idea what are the skills you can bring to me," said Rakes.  "I don't care that you've been working 15 years, what skills come out of that experience that I can use in my organization."

3. Tighten up

"You get into do I need my DVR?" said Davidson.  "Little things like that may only be $10 a month but it's still $10, and when you don't have that money coming in, it's important."

4. See it as an opportunity

"What were the things I actually enjoyed in that job, how can I do more of that, and that I think can make the opportunity much more positive," said Rakes.

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