Brunswick Co. Animal Shelter vaccinates dogs for distemper

Posted by Debra Worley - email

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The Brunswick County Animal Shelter is vaccinating dogs against the deadly distemper virus in an effort to prevent it from spreading.

The shelter was quarantined for about five weeks beginning in March of this year.

In July, the shelter also suspended dog adoptions as part of a comprehensive infection control plan.  The shut down was only suppose to last two weeks, but it will remain closed to adoptions until at least Wednesday.

According to the Brunswick County Health Department's Animal Services Shelter, two dogs developed a respiratory illness from distemper.  Distemper is caused by a virus which is a highly contagious disease of wild and domestic carnivores.

Animal Services will still pick up dangerous or vicious dogs and continue rabies investigations.

All services for cats, including adoption will still be available.

If any dogs in the county show symptoms of respiratory illness such as a lack of appetite, fever, mild eye inflammation, hacking cough, or nasal discharge, please contact a veterinarian.

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