Brunswick Co. Waffle House cook accused of rape

Source: Brunswick County Jail
Source: Brunswick County Jail

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A Waffle House cook was arrested after being accused of kidnapping and raping a former employee.

Brunswick County Police say 29-year-old Robert Spake took the victim into the woods behind the restaurant Sunday night and raped her.

According to official reports, Spake was working at Waffle House at the time the attack took place.

Police said he told his co-workers to stay inside and that he would be back in about ten minutes, but never returned.

"He grabbed this girl from the neck and dragged her into the woods," said Police Chief Rodney Gause.

According to police, Spake knew his victim prior to the attack and may have been in the wooded area with him for nearly two hours before she escaped.

"She got away and went across the street from the Waffle House to the Scotchman, hollering for help," said Gause.  "Her neck was bruised.  She was bloody and very upset."

Police searched the woods for Spake but couldn't find him until they received a tip Monday afternoon.

"Police surrounded the Waffle House where he was spotted in the woods and he was on a tarp and scratched up," said Gause.

Spake is charged with first degree rape and first degree kidnapping.

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