Speed creates dangers on winding Wilmington roads

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A pickup truck slammed into a large storage building in front of a home on Rose Avenue Thursday afternoon.

Wilmington Police Officers said the driver of the truck was speeding down the winding road when he lost control of the vehicle.

The driver initially left the scene, but was later found down the road.  He is charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

The owner of the storage unit said accidents like this happened much too often on his street.

"I've lived in this neighborhood all my life and we never really had any problems - God bless the college kids, until they started moving in down here," said Michael Sellers.  "And they go up and down this street, and it's a race track to them."

Neighbor, Peter Andrews, agreed.

"I've lived here ten years and in that time, I've seen about six accidents here," said Andrews.  "A couple of them have been in my fence."

Andrews said the solution could be putting in speed bumps.  He's afraid if something isn't done soon, someone's going to get killed.

Wilmington traffic planner Mike Kozlosky knows about the problems on Rose Avenue. The city did a traffic study on the neighborhood in 2005.

"We developed recommendations for the installation of chokers which will reduce the speed of vehicles traveling along that road," said Kozlosky.

However, four years later, the problem remains.

"Given the current financial situation, it's going to be several years before we actually install the improvements in the College Acres neighborhood," said Kozlosky.

For now, everyone agrees drivers need to remember to slow down before tragedy strikes.

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