My Turn, Your Turn: Your turn on recycling law

By Gary McNair - bio|email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - I did a commentary last month about the new recycling law.   I pretty much said this law is stupid and not the best solution, and you weren't shy about letting me know how you feel.

Trey called my opinion a "terrible opinion" and he wrote:  "People have had an incentive to recycle...making earth better!  That didn't work so now we need strict enforcement."

Virtually everyone else thinks there is just no way to make this law work.

Shain wrote:  "Every person should WANT to clean the planet and the environment.  But to assume that "We the People" will do it even more now because it is against the law is just plain ridiculous."

And perhaps more than any commentary I've written, this one got several emails from folks in the rural areas - all making the same point as Denise:

"If it will be illegal to throw plastic bottles and aluminum cans away, then recycling pick-up should be available in the county areas too."

We also heard from plenty of people wanting to recycle who found it nearly impossible because of lack of service and long drives to the recycling bins or centers.  That needs to change.

And that's your turn on recycling.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

Emailed response from viewers:

I just watched your follow up report on the new recycling law.  Thanks for presenting a solid range of views. 

I think the law is a very good idea but I also agree that we need services to reach all homes as well as many more recycling facilities.  We are behind the times.  I lived in Switzerland in 1990, before it was in fashion to be "green."  Recycling was already the law there, and I remember one of my neighbors being fined after recyclables were found in his trash.  In Switzerland you have to purchase special bags for your trash, so there is incentive to eliminate your waste.  There were convenient recycling facilities and services aplenty.  It's a wonder to think that this was nearly 20 years ago! 


I agree. Pender Early College High School on Burgaw Campus has been trying to no avail to get recycling containers. It always leads to a dead end because of our location. Our students weekly collect it in boxes and a staff member drives it to Wilmington. If this is going to be law we need more centers, conatiners, and pickups. Green glass, brown glass, clear glass, seams like a lot of work and especailly since products made from recycled materials cost more!


While I agree that recycling is a nessecity I believe that the government is goin about it the wrong way.  To put the burden completely on the consumer is wrong.  Why not do to the manufacturers of the containers the same thing they are doing to the Car Industry.  This is not a consumer issue.  This is an container issue.  Containers should be made "Eco Friendly".  They should be made to "GO GREEN" also.  I understand some responsibility is going to fall on the consumer.  We don't have to be Einsteins to see that feeding our conveniences come at a great cost to the environment.   Now is the time to create better stop the use of plastics.  That will eliminate the immediate problem...don't keep manufacturing the's poison to the earth and to us.  Once the supply is stopped then we can work on cleaning up the waste it left.  Not only will this fix the problem but it would probably create more jobs in manufacturing the new containers.  Our scientists are busying themselves with a great deal of projects...they need to add this one to their list.  Only this one needs to move to the top of the list.  Such highly paid minds should be able to come up with an answer fairly quickly if they all put their heads together.  Negativity is what is making our world such a miserable place to live in.  Why not go back to the basics...positive reinforcement.  We need to quit blaming and start fixing but start at the beginning not the end of the problem.  We are intellegent people that allowed mistakes to be made.  We can fix it so lets get busy.  Government Officials are the best place to start...remember, the squeaky wheele gets the grease.   Don't complain so much about the new law...complain about the containers.  Congress needs to address the situation.  Get those letters going.  They can't ignore all of us.

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