Transportation changes for New Hanover Co. schools

Posted by Debra Worley - email

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - New Hanover County students will face transportation changes in the upcoming school year.

After approving the 2009-2010 budget, several transportation areas have been impacted:

  • Early College High School students will ride their district high school buses and be shuttled to their early college ($210,600 State Reduction).
  • If students are attending Virgo, Williston or New Hanover High School under the Open Enrollment option, transportation will no longer be provided ($227,000 State Reduction).

  • Eliminated transportation for all after-school athletics and remediation programs. However, transportation will still be provided for school field trips and athletic competitions ($215,000 Local Reduction).

  • Anticipated fuel savings of $165,000 based on diesel fuel below $2.50/gallon and gasoline below $2.00/gallon ($97,100 Local and $67,900 State Reduction).

School board members said they're taking an 8.5% pay cut and are also looking into how much they spend in travel.

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