Wilm. residents left homeless after flooding

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Monday night's flooding has left several victims having a hard time finding a place to stay, because their money is tied up in recent rent payments for their now flooded homes.

Brian Sparacino lives at the Campus Walk Apartments, but said he has no idea where he's going to stay until the carpets dry out and the mold is gone.

"My home is 6.5 hours away in Virginia, where my parents live and my mom's in the hospital," said Sparacino.  "I don't have a place to go back to."

Sparacino said he isn't happy with his apartment complex.  He said he paid rent for July and now circumstances have kicked him out.  Sparacino said the property manager told him it will take five weeks to return the rent money.

"I'm feeling betrayed, ripped off, used and just - I feel like dirt," said Sparacino.  "I'm a tenant here and I've always paid my bills on time and for them to turn around and basically say tough you're on your own."

Campus Walk management sent a statement saying:

We are reviewing each situation on a case by case basis to take care of our residents as we recover from this natural disaster.

"They are entitled to any deposits they paid and the prorated rate when they were unable to use the property, that's the minimum," said attorney James Wall.

Wall said the landlord should return the money immediately, if not residents could sue them.

Here is the entire statement from Brookstone and Campus Walk management:

The flooding that occurred at our property and the Wilmington area from the heavy rains on Monday night has been a major inconvenience for our residents and staff. We have set up temporary storage containers, and have been working diligently since Monday night to assist our residents in temporarily moving their belongings to expedite the repair process and restore normalcy to our community as quickly as possible.

We have also brought in additional corporate and nearby property staff to assist in the clean-up. We are reviewing each situation on a case by case basis to take care of our residents as we recover from this natural disaster. This could include hotel accommodation for those residents impacted by the flood with no place to stay, or not charging rent while residents are displaced.

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American Campus Communities
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