My Turn, Your Turn: Your turn on dress codes

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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Last month New Hanover County schools announced a dress code for high school students.

The official reason being the district wants to send a message they want "to get down to work, and they're in the business of learning."

Well, as one viewer wrote - it's not just what the kids are wearing, but also about the teachers' choice of clothes.  Here is a paraphrase of what Felicia had to say:

New Hanover county teachers have a total lack of professionalism in how they dress.  If the teachers are to be setting an example, look at what they are wearing; dresses at mid-thigh with 3 inch heels, tight pants, and low-cut shirts showing breast tan lines. I can only imagine what happens when they sit down or bend over.

Well I can't verify that things are as bad as this viewer wrote, but if they are - she brings up a good point.

If you really want to convey a message of learning, Felicia thinks you might want to look at how those charged with enforcing the dress code are dressing themselves.

That's Felicia's turn on the new dress code.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

Emailed responses from viewers:

I strongly agree with Felicia, What kind of message are our Teachers sending? Who can wear the lastest, the shortest outfits? Its hard for our children to comply when our PROFESSIONALS are wearing these outfits, not only act like PROFESSIONALS dress like PROFESSIONALS also. Lead by example.


I hope Felecia doesn't believe that all NHCo Teachers dress inappropriately.  We do have dress code and it is rather strict.  If teachers are dressing that way, it is because their building's principal is not stepping up and addressing the issue because they don't want to deal with it.  I personally am getting tired of "group spankings" when it is usually one or two that need to be spoken to about an issue such as this.  In fact, we can no longer even have dress down Fridays as of this past year.  We used to be able to wear jeans and a school shirt once a week.  Other corporations, such as PPD have them and we're all wondering why the board changed that policy for us.  Aren't there bigger fish to fry in this county?


I am going to be a sophmore at Ashley High School. I personally feel that by giving us a dress code you are also taking out part of who we are as individuals. yes there are tons of ways to express yourselves but at school that is the one main way we do it. I mean someone who is like say into Heavy Metal is not gonna just bring his guitar to school and start wailing in the hall way to show he likes metal he is most likely going to wear clothing and jewelery associated with it. People say well it is so students will not get picked on that is not true because in High School we have already conformed to who we are gonna be the rest of our lives and we hang out with people interested in what we are and dont really care about anyonre else. I understand yes sometime people wear clothing innappropriate and not suitable for school but its not very many. But hey thats just one persons opinon on the matter.


Of course there should be a dress code for teachers and other staff at schools.

While it should be the responsibility of the Principal, they have enough to do without spending their time being "clothes cops."  Ergo, it makes sense for the District to develop and implement a dress code policy.  We had one in my former district and while some complained, most thought it was the right thing to do in terms of setting a good, as well as professional, example.  Why would students and parents respect teachers if they don't respect themselves?  Of course, there's another whole story  about "examples" set on TV shows, but then, that's another rant.


I agree that teachers should be held to a high standard  while they are teaching . When I went to school men wore a shirt and tie and the women all dressed as professionals , no jeans or short skirts. While on the subject of dress code what about other people working in a professional capacity such as bank tellers. I hate going to the bank and having to look at the tellers low cut tops or sweaters so tight they look like they were painted on , it seems like all the males in the bank wear a shirt and tie but the women dress like they are going to a cocktail party or nightclub

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