Masonboro Island was left a mess after the holiday weekend

Source: Jon Middleton
Source: Jon Middleton
Source: Michelle Leyrer
Source: Michelle Leyrer

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MASONBORO ISLAND, NC (WECT) - Guests abused Masonboro Island this 4th of July holiday weekend, leaving beer cans, plastic bags, and other garbage thrown across the island.

"I had never been to Masonboro island on a holiday," said Darin Stevens. "I don't think I will go back there on a holiday."

Stevens was shocked to see the amount of garbage and punches being thrown on the island over the holiday weekend.  He said he was appalled by the amount of garbage left behind.

Nearly 20 boats went back to the island to help with the clean-up process after the crowds had left the area.

Some people believe large and sometimes unruly crowds should be banned during holidays like July 4th and Memorial Day because Masonboro Island is a natural reserve.

"There needs to be more of an authority to help keep the island clean," said Captain Matt Wild.

Several groups are working to protect the wildlife on the island from the wild activities, but they say the problem just keeps piling up.

The NC Coastal Reserve is responsible for activity on the island.  An official with the group said as long as visitors don't interfere with research and education they will allow the public to use the island for recreational purposes.

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