Bringing fireworks across state lines

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LITTLE RIVER, SC (WECT) - Firework displays are all the rage during the July 4th holiday, but many people prefer to take part in the action with their own shows.

North Carolina license plates filled the parking lot of one firework stand at the state line, and clerks inside say the economy isn't effecting the purchases.

Business was booming Tuesday night with people filling up shopping bags and carts with the explosives, but North Carolinians need to be careful what they carry back over the border.

According to North Carolina law, any kind of fireworks that leave the ground are illegal and could bring up to a $500 fine.

In an effort to prevent people from using illegal fireworks, the Town of Calabash, just north of the state line, has decided to hold its first ever professional fireworks display this year.

"Calabash is having fireworks, so there's no excuse to set off your own illegal ones when there's a great display right in your backyard," said Jeremy Cribb."

The Calabash celebration will take place Friday, July 3, beginning at 7:00 on the Waterfront.  The fireworks show will start at 9:45.

Regardless of the legal light shows schedule throughout the region, loyal patrons say they'll take their chances and keep the fireworks business booming.

For a list of shows in the area, click here.

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