Owner says dangerous pit bull will not return to neighborhood

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Posted by Debra Worley - email

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - Residents of a Carolina Beach neighborhood are in an uproar over a neighbor's violent dog.

Residents gathered Monday night arguing about a pit bull that has attacked three animals in the area.  Sunday, the dog killed a schnauzer as her owner watched in horror.

Animal Control officials said this type of situation is not rare, and they are sure they did their jobs correctly and as quickly as they could.

"That's what we run into all the time," said Jean McNeil.  "It's owners who cause the pets to suffer. It's owners who are irresponsible. They don't take charge of their pets. The pets don't know anything different. They just act according as they are trained or not trained."

The dog has been deemed dangerous, but laws say the pit bull's owner, Camela Edwards, could pick him up from the shelter Tuesday.

"It was a true accident and very, very upsetting to me," said Edwards.  "Not to mention I am not Minnie's mom and dad, so I can't feel what they are feeling, but as a pet owner I can only imagine the devastation."

"Once is an accident, twice is an accident, but three times is habitual that means it's never gonna stop if the dog comes back," said neighbor Kurt Vanscoy.

Edwards said she will not bring the pit bull back into the neighborhood and has already made arrangements to get him properly assessed and do whatever she can to help him.

Many residents in the Olde Mariners neighborhood say they feel safer knowing that the owner of the pit bull who attacked 3 animals will not be bringing the dog back home.

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