Carolina Beach neighbors outraged over violent pit bull

Reported by Laura Sinacori - bio|email
Posted by Kristy Ondo - email

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - Some neighbors in a Carolina Beach community are infuriated after police confirmed a pit bull attacked and killed another dog.

Residents in the Olde Mariners neighborhood said the dog has mauled three animals in the last year, which has some people worried about the safety of other pets as well as young children.

One resident was angry that neighbors were talking about the pit bull owner instead of confronting her. The argument became so heated Monday night, police were called in to calm everyone down.

Sunday night, neighbors said the pit bull killed Minnie, a pet schnauzer, in front of her owner. Others tried to beat the pit bull off with a shovel, but it was too late.  A police report indicated after the initial attack, the pit bull was eating the deceased dog and would not let go.

One neighbor said the ongoing battle over the dog needs to stop now. Other neighbors agreed it's time for action. Several children who live in nearby homes are no longer allowed to play outside.

When WECT tried to contact the owner of the pit bull, she would not answer the door.

Animal Control sent residents an email Monday telling them the dog has now been deemed dangerous, but the owner of the pit bull will be able to pick it up Tuesday if she wants.

A neighbor said she does not understand why the laws protect the vicious dog and not the Carolina Beach families.

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