The WAC announces winner of Lose-a-ton Wilmington

Posted by Debra Worley - email
Writing contributed by WECT Intern Michelle Peck

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - After 8 weeks of sweat and hard work-outs, six contestants of "Lose-a-Ton Wilmington" celebrated losing a group-cumulative weight of 200 pounds at the Wilmington Athletic Club Friday.

The Lose-a-Ton winner is 45-year-old Bob Kiestler, receiving the top trophy for losing more than 60 pounds.

"I appreciate the love and support of my family and friends," said Kiestler. "It's humbling because everybody, all 6 of us, worked hard so it's a big honor."

Denise Marshall came in second place in the competition and said her family has also benefited from her efforts.

"It's been over 12 years since I've been under 200 pounds," said Marshall. "It's kind of contagious. You know, they see me feeling better and having more energy and wanting to do more and they kind want to step in and do more too."

All of the contestants lost weight and said they also gained a new appreciation for themselves and each other.

"There are people out there that will help you and support you and understand you can set goals and accomplish goals," said Marshall. "So, 50 pounds in 9 weeks, I'm proud of that, but I'm more proud of the people that I've met. That's a big thing for me."

Over the past two months, the contestants raised money for Wilmington's Cross City Trail and presented a check to Mayor Bill Saffo for more than $1,500 Friday.

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