Man volunteers to remove thousands of bees

Posted by Debra Worley - email

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A Castle Hayne woman is afraid to leave her house because thousands of bees have taken over a tree in her backyard.

"I want to protect them," said resident Jennifer Jordan. "I don't want them harmed. I just want them removed off my property, so I can come out here and enjoy my tree. As you see, I kind of cleared this area. I was going to make a garden, but since they're out here I'm not coming around."

A day after WECT aired a report about the bees infestation, beekeeper Donald Whitfield volunteered to remove the swarm.

Whitfield used smoke to calm the bees.  He said they will eventually relocate to a beehive he set up.  Then he will take the bees back to house to produce honey.

"Well the bees will have to come out of this old hole right here - I have a funnel on it," said Whitfield.  "They come they come out right here. They can't get back in, so they will have to take over this hive right here. I've got eggs and brew in this one over here. So they got to come out and it will take about a month for them to all come out. "

Whitfield said he will use cement to seal the hole in the tree after all the bees have been removed.

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