Bee infestation in a Castle Hayne oak tree

Posted by Debra Worley - email
Writing contributed by WECT Intern Michelle Peck

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A Castle Hayne woman has thousands of bees living in her backyard oak tree and now the buzzing has her staying indoors.

Jennifer Jordan said there were about 50 honey bees in the oak tree last year. Experts say there are now tens of thousands of bees in her tree.

"I want to protect them," said Jordan. "I don't want them harmed. I just want them removed off my property, so I can come out here and enjoy my tree. As you see, I kind of cleared this area. I was going to make a garden, but since they're out here I'm not coming around."

However, Jordan said she is worried for the children that often play on the swing set in her back yard with the swarm a few feet away.

"When I sleep at night think about being out there make's my flesh crawl," said Jordan. "I understand they are not bothering anyone. But you never know if you disturb them. They could if the kids are playing, or my husband cuts the grass, probably could attack someone."

Jordan called Beekeeper Barry Harris to help relocate the bees, and he said that process could cost thousands of dollars and the best thing to do is to leave them alone.

Jordan says she will ignore the bees until they hopefully find a new home.

Experts say if you have a beehive that need to be removed do the following:

  • leave them alone
  • do not use insecticide
  • Call a bee keeper who can safely remove the insects

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