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Commissioners approve 2 additional Pender County Animal Control Officers

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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Pender County commissioners voted Monday to add two animal control officers to the department.

Health Department Director Jack Griffith said he had been asking for the additional positions because animal control is understaffed and cannot effectively patrol the county.

"We've needed the positions for years, but the budget hasn't allowed for it," said Griffith.  "I think the commission recognized that animal control needs support."

Parents, however, like John Westrbook are questioning why one department is seeing a 40% increase in staff while schools will have to cut more than 20 jobs.

"They probably need it - it is a large county, I'm not questioning that," said Westbrook.  "But, maybe they need a little less that might make a difference of a teacher.  A teacher that may teach my child."

Chairman Jimmy Tate said the county is working with the schools and General Assembly to get more funding for education.

He says while the school board budget is still a work in progress, they did not lose money to animal control.

"We looked at each item and each function," said Tate.  "We did not move money from the school board to animal control.  We saw animal control as a vital role as Pender grows."

The school board is currently looking to cut 15 teaching positions and several teaching assistant positions will also be affected.

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