Teen Curfew


Vandalism is becoming a popular hobby among teenagers in Boiling Spring Lakes. Now city officials are taking charge by enforcing a curfew. The curfew starts Friday the 20th of December at 11 P.M.. All minors 17 years of age and younger are not aloud on the streets alone.Officials say the public parks are the most popular spots for vandalism. Kids have pushed over a port-a-potty and they spray painted a picnic area. Along with graffiti, the kids have also left wheely marks on the greens of the Lakes Country Club golf course. City officials say the vandalism is costing the city thousands of dollars in taxes and it has to stop. Minors can be out past curfew if they are doing activities related to school, church or work. First time violators will be escorted home and their parents will be given a written warning. Any time after that the parents will be given a civil citation up to $500.

Reported By Heather Higgins: hhiggins@wect.com