Elderhaus lives by just one vote.


Today, new hanover county commissioners found themselves in a ticklish political situation. One in which, no matter what they did--even if they did nothing--they were going to make somebody mad. I'm talking about the elderhaus situation. That the program is a valued service for senior citizens is a given--everyone agrees on that.

Today, elderhaus asked the commissioners for 50,000 additional dollars over the 55,000 it has been allocated--about half what they asked for. After all was said, whether Elderhaus would live on or die, came down to a vote of the five commissioners. And Elderhaus lives! Commissioners Julia Boseman, Nancy Pritchett, and Bobby Greer voted yes; Bill Caster and chairman Ted Davis said "no."  If Elderhaus had withered, the services would fall to the state and federal government to provide in the form of paying nursing homes. And, while it is true that New Hanover County citizens pay only seven percent in sales taxes, guess who provides that state and federal money in taxes on income? It all comes out of the same pockets--yours and mine.

And, it's distressing that the County Commission felt it necessary to make Elderhaus come to them on bended knee for fifty grand, when it didn't even blink an eye over paying six times that much for a fence around airlie that is almost universally ridiculed.