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Plane mix-up for unaccompanied minor heading to ILM

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A New Hanover County mother wants answers from Delta Airlines after she says they lost her son on a recent trip.

Courtnay Chase paid an extra $100 fee for her 14-year-old son to fly as an "unaccompanied minor" from Florida back to Wilmington.

She said she was reluctant to let him do it, but the airline assured her they would keep an eye on her son.

Chase's son had a layover in Atlanta where he was told to sit on a bus for 40 minutes at the airport.  He sent his mom a text message from the bus and realized he had missed his flight.

"I panicked and just started imagining all kinds of horrible scenarios and I said 'Who is with you? Who is accompanying you?' And he said, "no one,'" said Chase.

Her son did finally get on a later flight and made it home safely.

"I just hope that they'll look into it because if he didn't have a cell phone, I would have been even more frantic," said Chase. "My friend would have been at the gate to pick him up in Wilmington and he wouldn't have shown up. That would have been - that would have been devastating."

Representatives from Delta apologized for the ordeal, but Chase said she wants them to add stricter guidelines when unaccompanied minors travel.

"We'll be following up with the passenger and investigating the incident," said Delta spokesperson Susan Elliott. 

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