Towing fees increase in Wilmington

Reported by Gavin Johnson - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Some towing fees in Wilmington increased Wednesday, after eight years of a static rate.

Hooked up Towing owner Mark Gabriel is in favor of the fee increase and says it will help offset his growing expenses.

"The tires and upkeep on the trucks and all that, plus the city and the state of North Carolina and the City of Wilmington require a certain amount of insurance to be able to do work for them," said Gabriel.

City council approved storage fees to increase from $16-$25 a day.

According to Gabriel, he has to fill out paper work letting the state know he still has a car if it has been in his storage unit for more than ten days.  The cost for the paper work is about $60 a vehicle.

"The majority of people driving newer cars who have full covered insurance they themselves won't be effected by this - the insurance company will be," said Gabriel.  "The people that carry liability insurance and are at fault in a collision it's going to effect their pocket."

Tow companies will have to follow stricter rules aimed at making sure they clean debris left from a car accident.

"We really have a bad problem with that here and as you or anybody drive around you'll see a lot of loose debris - which is never a good idea with all the bike traffic we have," said Wilmington City Council Member Kristi Tomey.

Council members also voted to keep the hundred dollar fee if your car is towed from a parking lot, but they are allowing companies to charge $150 for abandoned cars, cars involved in accidents, or cars going to a junkyard.

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