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From left to right is Jim Blake, Jordan Blake (in front), Charley Walker, Josh Walker, and Brandy Walker, all from Charleston WV.  While fishing with Captain Keith Logan and first Mate Johhn Jones of Stand 'N Down Charters in Holden Beach NC landed several nice Spanish Mackerel in the '15 to '20 inch range off the beach on Oak Island.  The Spanish Mackerel hit a 00 Clarkspoon behind a #2 planer in 27 feet of water.


The bite was on at the Shark Hole as Captain Keith Logan of Standing Down Charters in Holden Beach, NC and First Mate Johnny Jones introduced Buster Craft, Jamie Carroll, Dustin Caldwell, and Brandon Foster all from Virginia to a King Mackerel and Mahi Mahi bite that was on fire on June 29th.  Pink Bluewater Candy Skirts was the poison of the day for Mahi as the fate of the King Mackerel was doomed by live menhaden.  With water temperatures climbing into the lower 80 degree range the King Mackerel have made their way to deeper water.  With this in mind Captain Logan deployed baits down in the 40 foot range which was more than the ravenous Kings could stand. First Mate Johnny Jones was extra busy trying to keep lines cleared and baits out as the King Mackerel went on into the days end.  It was great day and a fun time had by all aboard the Stand 'N Down II.


Watching a child catch their first fish is definitely a Hallmark moment but witnessing three kids catch their first fish as experienced by Captain Keith Logan and First Mate Johnny Jones of Standing Down Charters, Holden Beach NC is best described as one of the finer things in life.  Canaan Harrison (11), Jimmy Harrison (10) and Ben Senoff (10) of the Bluegrass State of Kentucky all fished with the Standing Down crew on June 23rd, 2009.  Under calm seas Captain Logan made way to the Horseshoe where he found bait pods stacked up like haystacks.  Once the first line was out the drag begin screaming as a member of the King Mackerel welcoming committee commandeered a Pirate Plug with a frozen cigar minnow attached to the business end.  From that moment on First Mate Johnny Jones was clearing lines, handing rods off and leadering the occasional dolphin boatside, while Captain Logan stayed on top of the fish.  Our young anglers from Kentucky experienced first hand what its like to hear a drag screaming as it announces to all, "Fish on!" This was the familiar sound as it proved to be a day of reckoning for the ravenous King Mackerel and Mahi Mahi bite aboard the Stand 'N Down II.


"Field" Melvin, age 7, an upcoming 2nd grader at Anderson Elementary, and his father, Patrick, fished the morning of Saturday , June 13th .   Among other finned species that Field caught on the trip were these two nice bluefish.  Field also caught and released several small Spanish mackerel that morning.  They were trolling chrome Clark spoons with in-line one ounce beaded egg weights through spectacularly clear water just outside the breakers of Masonboro Island on a northward troll from Carolina Beach inlet to Masonboro Inlet.   Field's dad is 100% certain that at the split second when that photograph was snapped, that 7 year old was the singular happiest kid in the entire world!   It was a great father-son morning!


Captain Keith Logan of Standing Down Charters out of Holden Beach, NC scored big in the Gulf Stream over the past week.  With four school teachers from Statesville, NC aboard the Stand 'N Down II Captain Logan was underway to the Blackjack Hole which produced quite a remarkable bite in spite of the choppy seas.  As the lines were deployed the Mahi Bite was on and the poison named by the aerodynamic creatures of the sea was a pink South Chatham Tackle Pirate Plug.  First Mate Johnny Jones worked overtime as he tried to keep five lines in the water for the Mahi bite was producing double and triple hook ups at times.  As everyone knows that fishes the Gulf Stream there is always a surprise in store and that surprise came on Friday in the form of a 26 inch (curved fork length) yellowfin tuna. This little guy was released to serve as someone else's surprise on a later date just as it came as a total surprise to Captain Logan and the crew on Friday.  Several Wahoo were hooked but were not boated and Red Grouper in the mid 20 pound range fell for a Shimano Lucanus Jig near the days end. Trigger Fish about 5lbs fell for a Shimano Lucanus Jig all so.


Captain Keith Logan of Standing Down Charters, Holden Beach NC reports the Gulf Stream being on fire with a steady Mahi bite.  Captain Logan on Tuesday fished offshore of the Blackjack Hole in 250' of water and loaded the fish box down with Mahi, eight of these Mahi exceeded 30lbs.  Throughout the day there were times the crew experienced 3 fish on at a time.  The Mahi fell for a South Chatham Tackle Pirate Plug and the color of the day was definitely pink.  A Wahoo in the mid 30lb range was boated after falling for a Bluewater Candy pink/white Jag Head.  Captain Logan located some promising bottom structure and deployed a Bluewater Candy Roscoe Jig.  In less than a minute a Red Grouper in the mid 20lb range attacked the jig and soon found himself in the same predicament as the earlier overzealous Mahi.   

MAY 27

Caught aboard the Razor's Edge (private boat) out of 70 West Marina. Boat captain Chris Roberson and angler Brian Thomas. 66" and 66 pounds.

MAY 25

In the pic is Ronnie Ensminger from Charlotte NC  and Capt Keith Logan From Stand N Down Charters out of Holden Beach NC. The African Pompano was caught on a Blue Water Candy Roscoe Jig!

The old adage of calm seas never made a skillful sailor certainly applied to Captain Logan of Standing Down Charters, Holden Beach NC on Saturday's trip out to the Gulf Stream.  With an east wind blowing up 6 ft head seas stacked atop of each other, the Stand 'N Down II was able to make about 26 kts toward the 100/400 for some Mahi action.  Within 8 miles of the destination Capt Logan called for the Black Bart Lures to be put out, hoping that would start the day off right with a Wahoo.  Within 10 minutes, the far back line went off with that ole familiar sound as crew members were certain they would have our first Hoo of the morning.  Much to the crews surprise the fish on the business end of the Black Bart was King Mackerel in the mid 20 pound range. After arriving at the 100/400 the bite was on!  It was steady bite for nearly 2 hours with gaffer size Mahi showing up in groves. All the Mahi was catch on Pirate Plugs( From Capt Bob at  South Chatham Tackle). That wishful Wahoo bite finally arrived about noon. About 10 minutes into the fight a Hoo weighing around 30 pounds was tucked away nicely in the fish box. Wahoo was catch on Pirate Plugs( From Capt Bob at  South Chatham Tackle)  The Mahi bite continued on until mid afternoon.  The great surprise catch of the day did not come until Capt. Logan suggested to the crew they try their hand with some Blue Water Candy Roscoe Jigs.  What a great call by Captain Logan for this lead to the catch of the day, a 22 pound beautiful African Pompano boated by Ronnie Ensminger. The African Pompano was caught on a Blue Water Candy Roscoe Jig! Now that's just about as good as it can get.  Needless to say it was a great day on the water despite the less than favorable sea conditions and a good time was had by all aboard the Stand 'N Down II. 

USCG Licensed Master

Captain Keith Logan
Stand 'N Down Charters LLC.

MAY 24

Guys and Gals I don't know what to say but the Dolphin bite off of North Carolina is RED RED RED HOT!!!!! What else can you say about that subject. We went out of OI and had we opted to stop Dolphin fishing at 11am and do a little Marlin fishing. Just couldn't even get the fourth line in the water dolphin fishing !! I have fished a lot of places for dolphin but I have never seen anything like the Dolphin fishing going on over the past few weeks  - Mark


Captain Andy Everhart, Southern Sportsfishing, says stiff breezes have made it a bit difficult to venture far from shore this week. Those brave souls who did reported good catches of Spanish Mackerel and blue fish. Closer to the gulf stream (for those with BIG boats), tuna, King Mackerel, dolphin and wahoo were reported.

In the bays, several lucky fishermen picked up a few speckled trout, and small flounders have been caught.

As the winds begin to die down over the weekend, the seas should subside, with waves dropping to 1-to-2 feet Sunday afternoon. That should make it pretty good for near shore catches of Spanish Macks. Water temperatures are on the rise, and that will bring the Kings closer to shore in the coming weeks.

Piers along the coast have reported good catches of pretty good size bluefish. And, chopper blues in the 5-10 pound range have been caught in the surf in a number of locations, including Topsail, New Hanover, and Brunswick beaches.

May 3

Stand 'N Down Charters out of Holden Beach North Carolina

Full day Bottom Fishing Make up Charter. Two Guys from Seacoast Angler Association out of Little River SC, One From New Hampshire. We end up with up our limit of hump back green head Black Sea Bass. Some Beeliner, White Grunts, Vermilion Snappper,Porgys and King Mackerel

In the photo is Mike Haggie of Little River SC.

April 30

Captain Andy Everhart had a pretty good week. The Spanish Mackerel are here!!!!!!!
Fishing near Kure Beach, Captain Andy and his First Mate, Michelle, managed to pick up some pretty good size Spanish. They were trolling spoons, just a few miles off the beach.
The rest of this week and the weekend, right now, still look good if you want to pick up some fresh fish for dinner.

April 28

Went out of Lockwood Folly on Tuesday at 9 am with a crew of 3 that have never been on the ocean before.  Decided to do a 3 hour trip close to the beach.  Put the first line out and before the second one went in the water the first went off.  Spanish on!  The next 2 and a half hours were the same.  Didn't go more than 2 minutes without a fish coming in.  Lost about a dozen or so behind the back of the boat and released at least that many small ones to fight another day.  In total, 43 spanish, 7 blues, and a worn out crew of 3.  Most spanish were in the 14-18 in. range with a few around 3-4 lbs. The spanish are here!!  Not bad for a 3 hour trip dock to dock.  Hope the rest of the year will stay like this.

Capt. Ryan Jordan
Fugitive Fishing Charters
Oak Island, NC