Holiday Yule Log


Chef Dave Herring

Sweet and Savory Bake Shop

Wrightsville Beach, NC


Cake Mix (Chocolate or Yellow)

Filling on your Choice


Chocolate Icing

Hershey's Chocolate Bars

Powdered Sugar

1) Use any type of cake mix, chocolate or yellow.   Pour cake mix thin on a baking sheet and bake as recommended. After baking, use a knife to free it from the edge of the baking sheet.

2) Put a piece of paper and cloth over the cake mix and roll it up, letting it remain in a rolled position for a short while as it cools. 

3) After cooling, unroll the cake mix, and spread your filling.  We used a chocolate filling with cream, but use what you would like best.  Then roll the cake up again.

4) Spread a chocolate icing over the outside of the cake, and use a fork to make rough looking spots, similar to a decomposing log in the forest.

5) Melt Hershey’s chocolate and then let it cook.  Break pieces off and put around the outside of the cake.   Sprinkle the outside with powered sugar.

6) We made mushrooms out of meringue, which is 1 part eggs to 2 parts powered sugar.  Shape them as mushroom stems and caps. Bake to dry the mushrooms, serve and enjoy.