Duplin Co. daycare accused of selling moonshine

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DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A Duplin County couple is facing multiple charges after a shocking discovery at their home daycare business.

Authorities confiscated a stash of guns, ammo, gallons of alcohol, marijuana, and moonshine early Saturday morning from Johnnie and Judy Wilson's home business.

"People have a right to live in their residence and operate a business, but to have these types of items in their residence with children around is very disturbing," said ALE agent Kenneth Simma.

Investigators say the Wilson's were not only holding a daycare inside their home, but were also selling illegal alcohol like moonshine for as much as $3 an ounce.

The couple has run Wilson Family Day Care for about four years and have been highly recommended by county officials.

"The children just loved Judy, so we thought everything was going well," said Duplin County social work supervisor Margrette Keenan.

All that changed when WECT told Duplin county social service officials about the bust.

"We never imagined that anything like this would happen, especially not in our county," said Keenan.

Agents said they haven't seen anything like it either.

"Finding drugs and money and guns at a "joint" or an illegal establishment is commonplace but the fact that it's a daycare-an operating daycare licensed by the state of North Carolina is the shocking thing," said Simma.

The play set was empty as WECT arrived at the home on Log Cabin Road and Judy had no comment.

With six misdemeanors between the two, including a felony, this may be one mistake that puts this daycare in a permanent time out.

Johnnie is facing charges of:

1. Possession of a weapon of mass destruction (this is a felony...it's the sawed off shotgun)
2. Simple possession of marijuana seeds (< .5 ounce)
3. Possession of drug paraphernalia
4. Possession of non-tax paying liquor (moonshine)
5. Possession of alcohol with the purpose of sale without an ABC permit
6. Selling alcohol without a permit

Judy is facing charges of:

1. Possession of non-tax paying liquor
2. Possession of alcohol with the purpose of sale without an ABC permit
3. Selling alcohol without a permit

According to agents, the weapons were locked in a safe and out of the reach of children.

The Wilson's will appear in court later this month.  Parents are being told to contact Duplin County DSS or their social worker to find a different daycare.

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