Lifewatch: New hospital gowns

Reported by Claire Hosmann - bio|email
Posted by Debra Worley - email

(WECT) - Most people would agree that one of the worst parts of a hospital stay is the thin gown they give you to wear.  Now, some hospitals are using a replacement for the thread-bare gown, with an added health benefit.

"That old cloth gown that I don't think they use fabric softener," said Carolyn Hayes.  "It's scratchy and uncomfortable and they don't fit very well."

Carolyn recently had minor surgery and is praising her recent stay at Baylor Grapevine because the gown she wore was more comfortable.

"It made you feel not just warm but more comfortable," said Carolyn.  "Gave you one less thing to be anxious about."

The gowns are made from technology called "bair paws."  They are disposable gowns that cover the whole body and have a built-in warming system that the patient controls.

"I can get more heat or I can get it to cool as well," said Carolyn.

General surgeon, Dr. Sina Matin said the gowns are more sanitary, take less energy, and are surgically safer.

"We had big warming rooms where we kept blankets warm and on average I counted nine blankets to keep the patient warm," said Dr. Matin.  "Keeping the body temperature does have a purpose. We are trying to reduce surgical site infections and we have done a great job."

Baylor said it will save money in the long run by using the disposable, warming gowns.