Wilmington City Council Opens File

All governmental meetings are important because they decide issues. Some issues, though, are real snoozers. No so tonight. The Wilmington City Council has a chance to show its citizens that it can be candid, forthright, and honest. Or it can resort to chicanery and secrecy, in effect telling Wilmingtonians they can't be trusted with the truth.

I'm talking about the internal investigation in the Police Department over the Katherine Moore affair that resulted in the firing of a veteran officer and the demotion of another when Moore was charged with DWI even though she blew flat double-zeros on a breathalizer test. Moore said she and her family have been victimized by the police for some time now. This report would shed light on that matter. Chief John Cease has recommended that.

If made public, the report would irritate the Fraternal Order of Police, about the nearest thing to a union available to officers in North Carolina, and they say they'll sue if anyone's personnel record is exposed. That is a chance the city should take. For, if the report is not divulged, there will always be nagging suspicions in people's minds, uneedful questions asked. Let's clear the air on this issue, once and for all.