My Turn, Your Turn: Your thoughts on military and bars

By Gary McNair - bio|email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - You really did a good job letting us know what you think about the military and the bars in downtown Wilmington.

Many agreed - but there are just as many that have sympathy for the bar owners.  Here is a sampling:

Jerry said:

"No one wants to be un-patriotic, but the fact is when Marines go bar hopping they are not concerned about their actions...they get boozed up and will fight just about anyone over anything."

Nicole wrote:

"I've personally been in bars when the military was so obnoxious, grabbing girls and causing fights.  We need help from the military policeman to nip this in the bud."

Bobby is the son of a Navy veteran and he has this to say:

 "I am for the military but against them drinking downtown. They have Jacksonville and Fayetteville to go party."

And we heard from a former bar owner:

"It's not an easy job. My worst customers were cops, firemen and the military.  They were rude, foul mouthed individuals. They should learn to have a good time without wrecking a place of business."

There are clearly two sides to this argument, but I've got to think there is a better solution than what the bar owners are forced to use now.

That's your turn on this issue.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

Viewers' emailed responses:

Mr. Mc Nair I think the policy of banning Marines or any other branch of military from bars in Wilmington is outrageous,Having served in the US Navy from 1987-2001 I am very offended. There are many other types of people I would turn away before an American soldier or sailor. This is my opinion and this is the way I feel


Keep in mind that the military personnel would like to get out of Jacksonville and Fayetteville and get out of their norm to have some fun.  Being a former Marine I understand that they can get a little rowdy, use obscene language, and drink entirely too much.  If the bar owners want to be proactive, stop letting them drink so much in your bars to where they start causing a scene.  I never really understood why these bars and restaurants let not only military personnel but everyone drink to a fall down stupor?


Gary I will applaued you in that now you have actually come out and said and I quote, "but I've got to think there is a better solution than what the bar owners are FORCED TO USE NOW.  Wow, now you think the bar owners are being forced to turn not only military, but anyone that is out of line away.   If only you and your reporter and the mayor had stated this in your original comments about the downtown bars then we might not have been emailing each other. Yes it is me, the mom of the owner of Charley Brownz. Of course it is my opinion, but if only you had reported both sides, you know the military and the bar owners.  What I would like to see is a SOLUTION AND NOT JUST WORDS!  So far the Mayor has offered no solution and really it appeared he along with you did not have all the facts.

I support the troops, and I realize they do a job that I would not want, but freedom does not mean you can come home and destroy.  It seems some people need to be reminded of this.


WECT / Gary you guys really did a number on the one bar.  That was a cheap shot especially when you agreeded the bar owners are forced to handle things on their own and lets not forget the mayor stating this is something that has gone on for years of course he still supports the military.  You guys should tell that spokesperson of Charley Brownz that you were unfair in your reporting.  Of course let us not forget you have now caused the problem in that you made it to be a military vs. residents/business owners in New Hanover.  I love my country and respect our service men and women but they must learn to conduct themselves in a civil matter.  I can't tell you how many times my wife and I have had to excuse ourselves from a resturant because of the "high and tight" men and women and their language.   When they the military start respecting the locals/and local business owners.  I think then they will get respect.  When can I expect you to go on the airway and say you made a mistake in reporting one side to the story, then you will gain my respect.

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