First weekend of Carolina Beach rides

Posted by Laura Sinacori - email

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - This weekend was the first time kids were able to play on amusement rides at Carolina Beach.

The rides include a tilt a whirl, a ferris wheel, and many more.  Town officials said they are hoping the rides will make the beach community more family oriented. So far they said they like what they see.

"We went on the tilt a whirl and my stomach is about to burst," said Nadya O'Conner who rode some rides. "I feel like I'm going to throw up. He was crying, she went crazy, and I'm the one who kept spinning and they were scared to death.  It was so much fun."

Some business owners said it's still too early to tell, but so far they think the rides have brought more kids to the beach.

The rides will be open 7 days a week, except during bad weather.

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