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Mary Easley to continue job at NC State

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Former North Carolina First Lady Mary Easley intends to continue her job at NC State University, despite the resignations of two top university officials.

Raleigh lawyer Marvin Schiller said at a news conference Thursday with Easley at his side that she "plans to continue to make outstanding contributions."

The university provost and chairman of the board of trustees resigned after questions arose about her appointment to a job that pays $170,000 a year for five years. She runs a speakers series and a public safety center.

During the conference, Schiller quoted from Mary Easley's annual reviews where administrators commended her work at the University.

In one note, provost Larry Nielsen, who has decided to step down, said "The indisputable evidence is that Mary is doing an outstanding job for North Carolina State University and the State of North Carolina."

Gov. Mike Easley is also under the microscope because of allegations that he may have received perks before and during his consecutive four-year terms.

The Easley's are part-time residents in Southport, and Mike is a former district attorney for Brunswick County.

Southport residents are upset after hearing the allegations against their well known neighbors.

"It's crazy, that just came out," said Rob Johnson.  "Maybe she should have resigned, everyone is resigning because of their actions and what is going on."

Residents hope they can walk away and hear the end of this controversy soon.

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